Credit card scanning

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Credit card number and expiration date can be scanned with your phone camera, saving you from having to key in your digits manually.

  • Tap the camera icon in the card number field to scan the card.
  • For the first time the app will request access to the camera.
  • Then position your card and it will scan card number and expiration date.

You will still need to manually enter card holder and CVV code.


  1. Drap and drop OPPWAMobile-CardIO.xcframework to the “Frameworks” folder of your project. Make sure “Copy items if needed” is checked.
  2. Check “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content” section under the general settings tab of your application’s target. Ensure the Embed dropdown has Embed and Sign selected for the framework.

Store payment details during payment

         3. Provide usage descriptions in your app’s Info.plist

    • NSCameraUsageDescription – set the value to be a string describing why your app needs to use the camera (e.g. “To scan credit cards.”). This string will be displayed when the app initially requests permission to access the camera.
    • NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription – Card.IO never asks for this key actually, however it’s needed when uploading to App Store. Set any non-empty string, e.g. duplicate NSCameraUsageDescription description.

Note: Android

implementation "io.card:android-sdk:5.5.1"

Store payment details during payment